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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Takeover and The Insider comes a riveting new novel pitting brother against brother and putting personal honor to the ultimate test--in the world of...
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Takeover and The Insider comes a riveting new novel pitting brother against brother and putting personal honor to the ultimate test--in the world of...
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  • From the New York Times bestselling author of The Takeover and The Insider comes a riveting new novel pitting brother against brother and putting personal honor to the ultimate test--in the world of high finance and boundless ambition among power brokers from Wall Street to Washington.

    A scion of wealth and privilege, Bo Hancock is the youngest son of Connecticut's most influential clan--and the financial genius at Warfield Capital, the multibillion dollar investment firm at the heart of the family dynasty. He is also stranded in the shadow of his charismatic brothers, Teddy and Paul, and starved for the approval of their domineering father. While his brothers enjoy the spotlight, Bo can be counted on to "clean up" when anything threatens to tarnish the sterling Hancock name.

    Sixteen years ago, Bo covered up a monstrous crime involving Paul and a call girl. Now Paul is on the fast track to the White House--and Bo has become a liability, thanks to his weakness for alcohol and for women other than his wife. Stripped of his position and exiled to the backwoods of Montana--away from temptation and the public eye--Bo thinks his life has hit rock bottom.

    But a deathbed reconciliation with his father brings him home and reinstalls him at Warfield Capital, sparking a rapid-fire chain of events that could destroy the family and its vast fortune. First Warfield is left vulnerable to every Wall Street shark out to make a killing. Then a sudden rash of real killings forces Bo to confront the specter of a sinister conspiracy--and brings him face to face with one shocking truth after another, shattering the world and the family he thought he knew . . . leaving him utterly alone and running for his life.

    Trust Fund moves at hyperspeed from the canyons of Wall Street to the corridors of Congress to private sanctums of inherited wealth and power. It is the tale of a great American political and financial dynasty wrenched apart by its own fierce ambition--and by one son's determination to forge his own destiny on his own terms.
  • From the book "Give me more," the young woman murmured.

    Bo Hancock smiled in his measured way, the hint of emo-tion
    veiled by midnight. He was enjoying the multitude of bright
    stars filling a moonless sky, the scent of Melissa's perfume blend-ing
    with the sweet smells of spring, and the absolute serenity of
    this place he dearly loved. They might have been the only two
    people on earth, but that was the estate's charm. It made him
    feel safe.

    Bo had grown up here, exploring every corner of the es-tate's
    vast forest as a child. He knew it better than anyone. He'd
    played touch football on the great lawn in front of the playhouse
    with his father, brothers, uncles, and cousins before Thanksgiving
    dinner each year, the soft grass blanketed thinly by snow some
    Novembers, bathed in warm sunshine others. He'd canoed and
    swum in the cold, clear lake in summer and played hockey on its
    ice in winter. And he had experienced his first kiss beside the lake
    at fifteen, hidden with the girl in a grove of sweet-smelling cedar

    "What do you mean, Melissa?" Bo asked, his gravelly voice
    made even rougher by his fondness for alcohol and tobacco. "Give
    you more what?" He knew exactly what she meant.

    The young woman brushed against him as they stood on the
    smooth granite of the mansion's back veranda. "More of your
    words-to-live-by," she answered, mesmerized by his voice. It was
    gruff for a young man, but oddly reassuring too. Like a shovel
    scraping rock and a cat purring at the same time.

    "Oh, I see," Bo said, drawing his words out. He took a drag
    on his cigarette before beginning. "The best relationship you
    ever know will be the one in which you love each other for your
    faults--not despite them."

    "That's nice," Melissa said as his words dispersed slowly in
    the stillness of the evening, her voice all at once as raspy as his.

    Bo chuckled softly. He had finally broken through her ve-neer
    of detachment. He understood why she needed that barrier,
    but it had gotten in the way of any meaningful conversation be-tween
    them. He looked away from the many points of light sus-pended
    above them to admire her silhouette. She was tall and
    statuesque, with long, jet-black hair and eyes as dark and mysteri-ous
    as the surrounding woods. "You weren't expecting anything
    quite so romantic," he said. "Were you?"

    "I don't know," she answered, trying to sound indifferent.

    "How about this one?" Bo suggested, his tone lighter. He
    realized that he had caught her off guard and that she needed a
    lifeline. Saving people was one of the two things he enjoyed most
    in life, particularly when he had introduced the danger. And that
    was the other.

    He took a swallow of scotch. "Make certain you approach
    both love and cooking with reckless abandon."

    Melissa's laugh was genuine. "What on earth does that

    "It means I'm willing to risk burning down the kitchen
    in pursuit of the perfect meal," he answered, a wry smile on his
    full lips.

    Melissa tried to suppress her answering smile, but couldn't
    help herself.

    He liked the way her eyes caught the starlight, and the way
    her long black hair shimmered down her back. She was a beautiful
    woman, and on one level he understood his brother's need for
    her. "It means approach every day as if it's your last. Never second-guess,
    never look back." Again Bo's words resonated in the silence
    of the night. "It's all those things."

    Melissa tried to regain her composure, but Bo had a way
    about him. She wanted to confide in him, to feel his powerful
    arms wrapped around...
About the Author-
  • Stephen Frey is a principal at a Northern Virginia private equity firm. He previously worked in mergers and acquisitions at J.P. Morgan and as a vice president of corporate finance at an international bank in midtown Manhattan. Frey is also the bestselling author of The Takeover, The Vulture Fund, The Inner Sanctum, The Legacy, and The Insider.
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Trust Fund
Trust Fund
Stephen Frey
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Trust Fund
Trust Fund
Stephen Frey
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